Date and Cashew Protein Balls

I'm always looking for a little pick-me-up in the day, and these Date and Cashew Protein Balls are the perfect healthy fix to get me through a slump. With lots of wholesome ingredients and added protein, you'll notice a boost in your day too when you pop a couple of these in your mouth.
Date and Cashew Protein Balls

What Ingredients Do I Need to Make Date and Cashew Protein Balls?

Inspiration for some of the ingredients in these protein balls came from my friends at The Armenian Kitchen who created their Pecan Date Balls recipe. Check this recipe out for some substitution ideas and how to make your own date paste.

Here are the ingredients that I selected for the Date and Cashew Protein Balls:

Date and Cashew Protein Ball Ingredients

How Do I Make Date and Cashew Protein Balls?

In a high-powered food processor, add the following ingredients: date paste (broken into chunks), cashews, collagen peptides, coconut flakes, cocoa powder, salt, cardamon and orange blossom water.  Pulse until the mixture is smooth.

Using a cookie scoop, form balls of Date and Cashew Protein Balls. Release into the palm of your hand and roll between the palms of your hands to make rounder.

Make topping by combining coconut flakes and roasted sesame seeds in a small bowl.  Roll the balls into the topping and press topping lightly for better adhesion. 
Chill Date and Cashew Protein Balls before serving.

Roll the Date and Cashew Protein Ball in Sesame Seeds and Coconut

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